Emmerdale fans spot glaring error as perpetrator behind Charles’ attack revealed

As Charles sought medical attention on the ITV soap, fans of Emmerdale have called attention to a mistake.

In yesterday night’s episode, the vicar was discovered dead on the ground, and when his lover Manpreet discovered him, she was furious about what had happened.

After Charles’ attack, Manpreet, who was furious and felt Naomi was to blame, decided to call the police and denounce Naomi for assault on her father.

Since Manpreet is involved, Naomi appears much less eager to get to know her father than they already do. Manpreet and Charles recently got into a heated disagreement, and they’ve also argued with Charles’ daughter.

However, as Charles made a full recovery in the hospital tonight and it became clear he had fallen and injured himself rather than being attacked, disinterested viewers flocked to social media to call attention to an error in the ITV serial.

Confounded viewers turned to social media after noticing how rapidly Charles had recovered.

Someone who was a fan of the show tweeted: “Yep. Once more, Our Lady of Hotten Memorial Hospital. After only one week following a brain bleed, he is entertaining half the village as guests in Emmerdale.

“Charles is still in the hospital and has a brain injury. Leyla was shot and hospitalized for two days.

Another person wrote: “There was a plaster at the side of his neck in the hospital bed. #Emmerdale. All gone as he emerges without leaving a mark.”

After learning that he had a daughter, Charles was eager to get to know Naomi. Esme, his ex-girlfriend, contacted him after she vanished, and they quickly joined forces to look for her. Charles was surprised to learn he had a daughter.

“When Charles finally locates Naomi, he is at a loss for what to do. It’s not how he had intended.

When he decides to intervene in a scenario that is beginning to get hostile, it is spoken in a way that wasn’t intended, he told the press.

Charles was only interested in meeting Naomi and finding out if she was okay as soon as he viewed the picture. He didn’t care if they continued their connection or not; he just wanted to know how she was doing.

Charles is a very sympathetic person, thus he resists the need to rush or exert himself. He’ll proceed at the rate at which Naomi lets their relationship develop.

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