Emmerdale fans spot epic baby gaffe – and how it ‘rumbles’ Al and Chas affair to Paddy

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale saw a major baby gaffe as Chas Dingle concocted a lie to cover up her night out with Al Chapman.

On the Dales, the two had an unauthorized meeting with their partners Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton).

The following day, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) went home and said that her car had broken down, forcing her to spend the night in a B&B with baby Eve and tipping off her family that Al was nearby ( Michael Wildman ).

Chas was observed presumably chatting to baby Eve in a pram as she retold the story, with Eve heard making gurgling noises from the stroller.

Eve is supposed to be a toddler on the verge of talking, however Emmerdale viewers were eager to point this out, with one remarking on Twitter that Eve was “sitting up in a chair drawing pictures looking about 2. She has since gone back to sounding like an 8-month-old baby. Decide what you want.

Another chimed in with the same question: “Why does Eve sound like a little baby when she’s nearly 3?” A second person wrote: “Eve is 3, why have they got her sat in her stroller sounding like a baby.”

Another fan commented, “Eve was a two year old running around last week, now she’s back in a pushchair using baby language.”

Is Chas for real trying to get infant Eve to support her in her lie, a cruel fan snarled? Seriously? For me, “Lie to Daddy.”

I’m all here for Eve’s first word to be Al – what a perfect opportunity to expose the affair! Another admirer even thought that the moment would lead to an epic surprise, disclosing the affair.

Chas and Al’s recent affair was inspired, according to Kate Brooks, the show’s executive producer for Emmerdale, who told the Metro that “affair plots are naturally predisposed to do in soaps as they give you risk, they give you passion, they give you excitement, they give you broken hearts.”

Given their history and the fact that Al was adamantly opposed to the Dingles, it just felt appropriate to cast Chas and Al as the central characters in the upcoming major affair narrative.

The plot appears to be building to a climactic explosion for the 50th anniversary episodes in October.

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