Emmerdale fans spot clue Kim already knows about Caleb and Nicky’s true identities

Fans of Emmerdale have discovered evidence suggesting that Kim Tate is already aware of who Caleb and Nicky Miligan really are.

When it was discovered that Caleb and Nicky are father and son, while the older Miligan is actually the son of Kim’s late husband Frank Tate, it shocked viewers of the ITV soap opera. Soon after, Caleb made his intentions known and got to work on his plan to take back the property he believes should be his and his family’s, including the Home Farm that the Tates and Kim claim as their own.

After discovering a clue in a recent episode of the show, viewers are now certain that Kim already knows about what Caleb and Nicky are up to as tensions between the father and son combination increase.

Online, one viewer wrote: “Kim knows what Caleb & Nicky are up to as she’s drip-feeding information to get back to them, she’s telling them what they want to hear,” and another said: “I think she knows all about the baby monitor and is feeding stuff to Nicky.”

“Kim has showed a softer side, which is why I admire her. A third wrote online, “I think she’s already suspicious and Caleb will lose in the end,” while others were convinced Kim had hidden cameras set up all over the Farm.

One person said, “Everyone is forgetting this is Kim they are dealing with. She needs to protect herself. Kim probably has covert cameras placed across the entire house.

She must have been following or listening to conversations between Caleb and Nicky and about Gabby and Nicky for months. I predict that there will be additional graves at Home Farm.

Another person said, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Gabby once have cameras installed in Thomas’s nursery? If so, perhaps they’ll have an excuse to look at them and listen to the phone calls he’s been making.

“When Kim thought someone was tampering with her drinks, she had cameras implanted in the horse head sculpture. Pretty sure there is CCTV all over Home Farm as well,” an ITV soap opera watcher wrote.

There will be “fireworks” as secrets are revealed, teased actor William Ash, who plays Caleb.

“Since there is a foot in both families, it might be a little burdensome for them both. That method of determining how much disruption these people can cause is pretty brilliant. The conflict between the Tates and the Dingles has always existed, but it will now intensify significantly. There are many pyrotechnics waiting to go out because what Caleb and Nicky are trying to accomplish is incredibly enormous,” he remarked.

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