Emmerdale fans spot blunder as Gabby gets revenge on Amelia for dropping her baby

Fans of Emmerdale have drawn attention to Gabby’s error in trying to exact revenge on Amelia for dropping her child.

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who hadn’t even known she was pregnant, learned she was expecting a child last night in some dramatic scenes from the ITV soap opera.

She has recently been experiencing dizzy spells and other health problems, but when the doctors saw her, they realized she was expecting a baby. Initially, she had assumed the dizziness was just a side effect of the weight gain syrup she was taking.

Amelia hurried to the hospital with Thomas who was also being checked on and found herself there being examined.

However, on tonight’s episode, Gabby got even with Amelia and decided to serve the teen and her father with eviction papers, forcing them out of the house that Thomas’ grandmother Kim owned.

Fans noticed a problem with Gabby’s demand, which would mean that it wouldn’t hold up and the eviction wouldn’t be able to proceed. Angry, Gabby had given them just 48 hours to leave.

One disgruntled viewer stated: “Gabby served the wrong person with the eviction notice in @emmerdale! Never assume it will hold up!”

“Evicting someone is not that simple. The #emmerdale producers must be aware of this, surely. They don’t investigate things like the law, do they? The nonsense Emmerdale has devolved into “Another supporter wrote.

Another wrote: “Er! Why is Amelia receiving an eviction notice from Gabby? She is not listed as the tenant in #emmerdale.”

“Do they not know about Citizens’ Advice in Emmerdale? NB, Dan It is a no-cost legal advice service! Don’t just stoically wait there, luv! @emmerdale, “Another supporter online wrote.

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