Emmerdale fans spot big error in Liv storyline as Sandra’s true motive exposed

Fans of Emmerdale have called attention to a problem with the current plot involving Liv and her mother Sandra.

Sandra recently tried to get in touch with her daughter Liv, but her followers have long suspected she’s up to no good. Her true motivation soon became clear, and she had a cruel scheme in store for Liv.

After being married, Liv and Vinny appear to be happier than ever, but Sandra is eager to undermine that in any way she can. In order to take the family house, she soon sets up Liv and tries to persuade her to resume drinking, something that she has previously struggled with.

Fans of the ITV serial have, however, identified a weakness in her plan to steal the mansion and have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

How can she sell the house while Aaron owns a half-interest in it? One fan pleaded on Twitter, “Please don’t let this narrative stretch on; let her be discovered and bin off this irksome meaningless character.”

Another supporter chimed in, “Have the writers forgotten it’s half Aaron’s house – there wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without him.”

The plot of Aaron Dingle’s return next month, when Danny Miller makes his comeback, is being kept a closely-guarded secret.

The sooner Aaron returns to completely ruin her, the better, wrote a third viewer.

Stupid naïve Sadly, Liv should not have ever given her the benefit of the doubt. When she needs assistance or protection, where the hell are all the Dingles with their purported “Family Loyalty”? “Aaron get a wiggle on and save Liv #Emmerdale,” a fourth user wrote.

A fifth person added: “Mother of the year Sandra is not what a disgusting human being she is all to get her own daughter £££ come back Aaron #Emmerdale.” Another person wrote: “Absolutely loathe Liv’s mum good god Aaron is coming back hell see her out.”

Vinny, played by actor Bradley Johnson, has hinted that Sandra’s evil plan would be revealed by his persona.

He continued, “I think he’s starting to perceive minor bits of her getting engaged. Some of the things that Sandra has been saying have been seeping into Vinny’s head. Mandy is well known for interfering in all of Vinny’s relationships.

“But I believe Sandra is doing it more, as she is acting with more retaliation, sowing rumors and speaking behind others’ backs. He is gradually beginning to understand Sandra’s dark side.

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