Emmerdale fans slams ‘toxic’ Mackenzie after ‘disgusting’ behaviour towards Charity Dingle

Fans of Emmerdale have criticized Mackenzie Boyd for “pressuring” Charity Dingle into keeping her child and have called her “toxic.”

This week, it was shockingly revealed to ITV viewers that Amelia Spencer, a teenager, wasn’t the only one who was now expecting a child.

It was “very crucial” to watch both Amelia and Charity consider abortion as a “completely viable option” at two distinct ages, according to many who recognized the connections between their storylines.

Concerned about her advanced age and her broken connections with her other children, Charity originally kept the baby’s father, Mackenzie, in the dark about the pregnancy and scheduled an abortion appointment. She ultimately chose to tell him the news nevertheless.

She revealed to Mack why she wanted to have the abortion because she didn’t want to carry the baby to term, which led to him accusing her of preventing him from having any input.

In tonight’s episode, the couple again discussed their options. Mack, who was eager to become a father, promised to support her but ultimately decided against it.

This infuriated the audience, who felt that Mack had tricked Charity into having the child. “Charity was certainly forced into her decision,” Ryan Glendenning tweeted.

“Mack forcing charity to have a fifth unwanted kid is toxic AF,” said @Darls Chickens. Later, they said, “Mack is disgustingly guilting Charity into having his kid.

In response, Stephen Garrod “What else did you honestly anticipate? He is an emotional abuser who will never accept defeat!”

In her words: “Without a doubt, Mackrat put pressure on Charity to decide to have a baby. What has Queen Charity Dingle actually experienced?”

I wonder how many ladies who were upset with the US jury’s judgment are now delighted that Mack has once more forced Charity into a choice you can obviously tell she does not want, commented Lily.

Mackboyd also added: “I’m disappointed that Mack has been portrayed on Emmerdale as just another guy. I never want him to be that kind of man, and Charity has repeatedly stated that she doesn’t want it, but he has forced her into it so he can be a father.”

However, not everyone was dissatisfied with how the storyline turned out. Another unpopular opinion, but I prefer the thought of Mack and Charity having a child, Abi stated.

“Charity and Mack’s baby is going to be so cute,” Jem added.

After two significant hints were provided earlier this week, people are still speculating about Amelia’s possible baby daddy. After learning that the father is “a teen like me” and “someone from church,” viewers are convinced it must be Heath Hope.

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