Emmerdale fans slam ‘unlikeable’ new characters and call for one family to go

In tonight’s (Thursday, August 18) episode of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, Mackenzie stood up to tearaway Noah, earning applause from Emmerdale viewers.

Noah Dingle, who was recently released from prison, has been heard lamenting his inability to obtain employment. In Thursday’s episode, Mackenzie Boyd stood up to him firmly and had the 20-year-old labor behind the Woolpack bar.

As the couple learns they are expecting a child, Mackenzie Boyd, who is related to Noah’s mother Charity Dingle, has been shown overprotecting her and acting as Noah’s “daddy.”

In telling Noah that he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the bar until he finished his shift, Mackenzie ‘put his foot down,’ as viewers of the show complimented him for doing so.

Your mom hasn’t been feeling well, so help her out, Mackenzie said to Noah in the episode. Which Noah turned down.

Noah, I’m growing tired of your whining and complaining about not finding a job, but not doing the job that’s been given to you on a silver platter, said Mackenzie.

So, “my boy,” what’s going to happen is that you’re going to work behind the bar, and I won’t allow you leave until you’ve finished.

As Noah is put in his place, fans have been celebrating on Twitter.

Tweeted @AmandaLouise K: “I appreciate you, McKenzie! #emmerdale

Noah should work for Marcus since it will be a better punishment than going to jail, said @penniless poet.

“Mack putting his foot down, Noah has been notified,” @teenamassam continued.

RT @MrshortieUK: “Nice one, Mack. Noah must hear this in #Emmerdale.

That’s why everyone loves Mackenzie, isn’t it? @LunaLocoJewels added.

Tweeted @DionPetrie: “Oh a firm hand”

Later in the episode, Emmerdale received some criticism from viewers who claimed that the show was becoming “desperate” and was seeking the removal of the Charles family from the soap opera.

Tweeted @perfwithsurf: “#Emmerdale is becoming even more boring and hopeless. The first step in improving Emmerdale would be to quickly get rid of the Charles family. Do the producers ever check Twitter comments?”

Added by @Meg82456243: “What is Naomi’s purpose? She is very unpleasant. Meena had charm despite being a badass. These brand-new characters are all unlikeable.”

@Woldslinx left a comment “Get rid of Charles and his horrible family as soon as possible. They are all worthless actors that portray evil characters. #emmerdale “

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