Emmerdale fans slam soap for ‘ruining’ Samson as he’s revealed as father of Amelia’s baby

Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy came as a shock to Emmerdale watchers as many speculated about who the father could be, yet undeniably was at long last uncovered on Thursday’s episode of the ITV cleanser.

At the point when she was interrogated concerning the dad of her child while at the early termination facility, Amelia told a medical caretaker he was a “young person” very much like her.

Cleanser watches have since been scratching their heads, pondering who it very well may be, just to learn it is, as a matter of fact, Samson Dingle, who laid down with Amelia at a party as of late.

Samson had been attempting to transform his fellowship with Amelia into a more heartfelt association, however she had an exclusive, keen interest in eyes for Noah – or so it appeared.

Samson was left dazed by the disclosure, which defiant youth Noah broke to him as he commended a heavenly arrangement of results for his GCSEs.

However Samson immediately turned awful in the town as he offended Amelia’s character, looks and afterward pursued her through Emmerdale demanding she “get freed” of the child.

Considering that Samson is commonly the sweet and delicately spoken adolescent in the town, a few fans were left bewildered by the unexpected change in his personality.

Taking to Twitter, one fan groaned: “WTF have they done to Samson? He was the most pleasant chap in the town, great mates with Amelia, and presently he’s tearing into her and slighting her like that?

“This program, genuinely. Has he had a character relocate?”

Another fan expressed: “For what reason is Samson being so terrible about Amelia when he in a real sense adored her maybe too much 5 minutes prior.”

“How the f*** have they treated Samson? Please for hell’s sake somebody step in and eliminate the administration at Emmerdale HQ,” a third composed.

“Samson has had a character relocate from the last episode to this one, for what reason is he being so terrible about Amelia out of nowhere?” another fan requested.

One expressed: “Has Samson had a character relocate ? – where’s the bashful, decent, loosened up Samson gone,” as one more repeated: “Hold tight when did Samson get so terrible Emmerdale changing characters not another thing.”

One more summarized: “Samson and Noah have in a real sense exchanged characters inside the space of an episode, the composing has neither rhyme nor reason.”

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