Emmerdale fans slam ‘nonsense’ storylines for characters and make chilling prediction

Fans of the soap opera Emmerdale have criticized several characters’ plotlines and made a terrifying prediction for the show’s 50th anniversary.

David Metcalfe will travel to Portugal to care for his ex-Alicia after she fell from a cliff while taking a photo, it was revealed on tonight’s episode.

Fans found this difficult to believe given that David is currently indigent and even attempted insurance fraud to improve his financial situation.

Leyla’s plotline appears to aggravate people who claim that writers “ruined” her character.

Others complained that her drug use was not taken seriously enough and appeared “almost humorous.”

Despite having won back Kim Tate’s lavish wedding, Leyla was obliged to accept a proposal to store drugs for dealer Callum due to her tight financial flow.

Some of her followers now believe she will cheat on her spouse with him in order to obtain the medications for nothing.

For the show’s 50th anniversary in October, some people have made the chillier prediction that the writers would murder her off.

Faith was occupied attempting to locate something she claims belonged to her from her recently deceased long-lost stepdaughter.

Faith is presently battling terminal cancer, and it is anticipated that Sally Dexter will soon quit the show.

Fans remarked on the character’s appearance during tonight’s program, saying that she appeared healthy for someone who was so unwell.

They voiced their displeasure regarding the character plotlines on Twitter.

Chris P wrote on Twitter: “Why would David go take care of Alicia. That is the silliest thing that has happened since Bernice fled to Australia to take care of her ex.

David “was skint the other week, now he’s arranging flights,” said Sally.

Couldn’t the writers make David’s disappearance at least a little bit plausible, asked Mags W.? He is drowning in debt, yet he can fly to Portugal at a moment’s notice, ostensibly to take care of an ex.

“#EDHQ, be daring and have Leyla overdose—not die, but overdose,” wrote @thetealive. Let this serve as a lesson.

“Currently, it appears that the seriousness of drug addiction is being oversensationalized. For the character Leyla, this is a nonsensical plot that is tedious and bordering on hilarious.”

“Well done Emmerdale, you have completely damaged Leyla’s character,” said Polly.

“I think Leyla dies in Emmerdale 50th anniversary and I hope so since her not good woman,” Elizabeth Edwards opined.

Posted by @ASuperGav “For a dying woman, Faith isn’t looking too bad. Death naturally becomes her.”

“Faith must surely have better things to do than try to seek revenge in her later years,” Pam continued.

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