Emmerdale fans slam ITV soap’s ‘bad decision’ as they slate Naomi storyline

Fans of Emmerdale who saw Tuesday night’s program and saw more of Naomi Walters were unimpressed.

After her biological Charles Anderson ended up in the hospital, Naomi was interrogated by police, including Harriet Finch, in the most recent episode of the ITV serial opera.

Charles and his son Ethan weren’t impressed when Manpreet said that Naomi had attacked Charles and compared her to her murderous sister Meena.

Manpreet was left feeling bad and sought to meet Naomi after she was let go from interrogation.

Esme, Naomi’s biological mother, was present when she attacked Manpreet, although she was eventually asked to leave by Naomi.

Esme interrupted Manpreet and stated, “Oh here we go, poor little Manpreet,” as Manpreet explained: “I’ve simply been having a few troubles.”

Will you please stop? As Esme protested, Naomi remarked: “These individuals are destroying your life! You’ve already spent the night in a cell with her.”

Seriously, I’m up for it. After responding, Naomi said, “Some space would be wonderful.”

When Naomi’s mother had left, she informed Manpreet, “This is between you and me, she doesn’t need to be engaged.”

Manpreet said to her, “I want to make things right. Nothing is Charles’ fault.

“like you are interested in Charles! Why do you want to sour things between us so badly? lying to others about me? Do you think I’m some kind of psycho?” Saying frankly, Naomi

Naomi said, “You need to get off my case and you need to pray for a miracle if you ever want Charles to forgive you,” and then left as Manpreet apologized once more.

Many viewers of soap operas expressed dissatisfaction with the plot and a desire for Naomi to leave the Dales. A user who posted on Twitter stated: “Emmerdale n This Naomi chick is an extremely unwanted addition to the show!”

Someone else commented on the post, saying: “This Naomi is miserable, moany, and obnoxious. Get rid of her please #emmerdale.” Another observer tweeted: “#emmerdale Naomi’s persona is obnoxious. A fourth person added: “Do one Naomi #emmerdale. Bad decision.”

Another poster stated: “I fail to comprehend the significance of this Naomi persona or the adoption tale. Why exactly? #emmerdale”

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