Emmerdale fans slam hypocrite Samson Dingle after he rages at Amelia Spencer

Samson Dingle was called a “hypocrite” by Emmerdale viewers after he became enraged with Amelia Spencer. Esther was born to Amelia’s teenage deadbeat father, who has had nothing to do with her since.

He even went so far as to demand money from his cousin Noah to keep Esther away by using blackmail. Samson discovered Amelia distraught in yesterday night’s episode as she waited for a bus.

She explained to him how she had discovered a lump in her breast and had been dreading going in for a scan at the hospital for fear that it might be cancer. And Samson was enraged, not sympathetic or compassionate.

Samson explained to Amelia that if they identify it early enough, chemotherapy and other treatments may be used to treat it. You must check yourself out. They will be able to accommodate you in if you call and let them know it’s urgent.

“A bus is coming in 30 minutes, and you need to get on it. You’re acting really egotistically. You’re not considering Esther at all. If something were to happen to you, she would be left motherless.

Emmerdale: Samson Dingle lashes out at Amelia Spencer

His outburst infuriated the crowd. They emphasized that he had already deserted them and their daughter.

Samson is shameless, someone said. Has he forgotten that he left Esther behind? Amelia opening up to Samson about finding her lump, a second Emmerdale fan added. Samson doesn’t care (at least not deeply), therefore she should tell Noah.

A third person intervened, saying, “Samson, Amelia really doesn’t need to hear that when she is already panicking.” Another user commented: “I’m amazed Amelia ever gave Samson the time of day, let alone being the one to whom she opens up!? #Emmerdale He seems like the last guy she wants to know, in my opinion.

One person maintained, however, that Samson was reflecting on the passing of his own mother. “Emmerdale do you think that Samson is triggered by the death of his mother from cancer as he seemed concerned at the beginning until she mentioned cancer,” they wrote.

“[Bleep] hell what happened to Samson?,” another person tweeted. Amelia is hearing him out on her bump.

Amelia ultimately had to visit a hospital. She was scared, though, when the physicians recommended a biopsy after the scan revealed nothing. Later, she sobbed openly in front of Noah Dingle about her ordeal.

How will Amelia handle the week-long wait for her results, though? Will she accept Samson’s apology for his harsh words?

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