Emmerdale fans slam ‘hypocrite’ Cain for criticising Nate and Chloe’s romance

Cain Dingle did not impress Emmerdale viewers when they watched the show on Friday.

Cain chastised his son Nate Robinson for his interest in Chloe Harris in the most recent episode of the ITV serial.

The two had been chatting and were going to meet together, but Nate seemed concerned about Chloe’s age of 19.

Cain has a problem with it and has advised Nate not to seek a relationship with the redhead.

“Are you really hanging out with schoolgirls?” “First and foremost,” Cain remarked, as Nate replied, “she’s 19.”

“Defensive, I don’t know why,” Cain said, as Nate responded, “Secondly, given some of the things I’ve heard about you…”

Cain instantly cut him off and said, “Let’s not make this a personal matter. What do you think Tracy will think if you have Frankie for the weekend and you’re hanging out with teenagers at bus stops?”

However, Emmerdale watchers were quick to recall that Cain can barely speak due to his involvement with a woman considerably younger than Chloe.

Cain was resolved to exact vengeance on his former love interest Angie, who had broken up with him, and attacked her daughter Ollie in 2001.

Cain not only groomed and slept with teenage Ollie, but he also called Angie before doing so in frightening moments.

One user said on Twitter: “Cain, you’re a hypocrite! Remember Ollie Reynolds? #Emmerdale.”

Another person stated: “Cain would have plenty of experience with schoolgirls. #Emmerdale is a hypocrite.”

A third person said on Twitter: “‘What are you doing hanging out with school kids?’ Cain asks Nate. #Emmerdale has a short memory cain.”

Another commentator said: “Emmerdale #emmerdale Yes, that is an excellent point! – Cain slept with Ollie when she was 15 to get at her mother, Angie. Cain, people who live in glass houses!”

Another person added: “Cain is talking to Nate, who is hanging out with schoolchildren. #Emmerdale. Pot, kettle, black mate.”

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