Emmerdale fans slam Faith moment as Leyla’s drug problem deepens

Fans of Emmerdale have been left scoffing at tonight’s absurdity as a very poorly disguised Faith got inside Angus’ house.

Faith knew she would need to conceal her identity if she were to go inside, and she had devised a plan to retrieve her old memory box from the residence.

Her concept of an effective disguise consisted of a straightforward blonde wig and pair of sunglasses, which appeared to be sufficient to fool Angus.

She had tricked the estate agents in charge of selling the house into thinking she was a photographer, and this got her in the door.

But after being caught, Faith was soon escorted out of the premises.

Fans of Emmerdale weren’t very surprised however; many believed that her disguise had been woefully inadequate.

Between Faith’s Poundland Dingle disguise, which Charity loaned her, and Leyla’s drug plotline turning into more tasteless panto, I’m not sure what’s more unpleasant to the point where I want to grab for the remote!

Kerry Fr. 14902535 tweeted: “Come on, now. By her mouth and nose, he should still be able to tell that’s Faith. He must return to Specsavers, please!” Also from @ASuperGav: “Faith ought to work as a covert officer. With just a blonde wig and sunglasses, I never would have guessed who she was.”

“Are those guys really that ignorant not to spot Faith in a wig?” said @mitchr 23. “Faith in disguise – full marks to pull the scam,” tweeted @BnMPlanet.

“Faith pmsl everyone can see through that disguise definitely,” @FLady1980 added.

However, more than simply Faith’s disguise had people talking. She was scurrying out of Angus’ house this evening like a great runner despite having terminal cancer and having been depicted as being quite frail in earlier episodes.

Faith is supposed to have bone cancer and be in her latter stages, yet she acts like she’s in her 20s, according to @suecoo66. Also from @pam debeauvoir: “When never works that man, Angus. While Faith, who is meant to be in severe pain, chooses to extract some illogical retaliation, he’s in again. In their final months on earth, the majority of individuals would be looking for peace. complete farce”

Leyla’s plot, meanwhile, changed course at the conclusion of tonight’s episode after Matty made an unexpected discovery. Given that Matty found two enormous black drug bags filled with coke in Leyla’s office, it indicates that she has advanced beyond merely using narcotics for herself and is now dealing, or at the very least assisting her dealer.

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