Emmerdale fans slam Amelia’s shock pregnancy and say ‘bosses got it wrong’

Following Amelia Spencer’s shocking pregnancy announcement, Emmerdale fans have created a massive conspiracy theory.

The revelation in last night’s show that the 15-year-dizziness old’s and impaired vision had nothing to do with the syrup she had been taking to adjust her weight sent viewers into shock.

Many people are now questioning who the baby’s father is after a trip to the doctor revealed the true cause of her health difficulties.

Some think it might be Noah Dingle, who is presently in jail for stalking, while others bet on Samson Dingle. Because Amelia is still a minor and Noah is 18, viewers have noted that the situation with Noah being the father could be extremely difficult.

Ryan Glendenning said: “If the baby is Noah’s I’ll be physically sick. He’s a perv and would of got a 15 year old girl pregnant.”

Georgia authored: “Noah will be in even more trouble if he is Amelia’s father! He’s 18; she’s 15!”

Some have posited the theory that Amelia is not actually pregnant and that her “bosses got it wrong” as a result of this.

Amelia not pregnant, according to Elizabeth Edwards, who claimed that “they got it wrong like Faye from Coronation Street.”

The audience made fun of Amelia after tonight’s episode for going to church and asking God why he “made her pregnant.” Many argued that unless she was “the next Virgin Mary,” it wasn’t His doing.

Owen wrote on Twitter: “Don’t think it was God, Amelia.”

Shodan joked: “Amelia is actually pregnant with God’s baby. It is the first soap opera to feature the birth of Christ and the immaculate conception.”

Becca said: “It kills me to hear Amelia blame God for getting pregnant. Considers herself to be Mary?”

Amelia acknowledged using the syrup to alter her appearance while visiting Noah in prison. She did not, however, inform him of the pregnancy.

A retaliatory Gabby kicked pregnant Amelia out at the end of the episode after she dropped baby Thomas and made social services knock on her door.

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