Emmerdale fans shocked as Al Chapman’s real name is revealed after brutal death

Fans of Emmerdale were left in shock after Tuesday night’s episode revealed Al Chapman’s real name, who had been shot dead by Cain Dingle in the previous episode.

After a last confrontation with Cain, Al Chapman announced his resignation from the ITV soap. Fans were stunned by the officer’s remarks when they arrived to arrest Cain for Al’s murder.

The armed officer revealed that Al’s real name was Alistair and not Alan or Albert as some fans had speculated.

Twitter was used by viewers to express their dismay at the discovery.

I’m more surprised that his name is Alistair; I didn’t suppose it was his name. Maybe Alan, one person wrote.

Then someone else commented ironically, “I really wish Cain had replied who the f*ck is Alister,” in jest.

While the majority of viewers were astounded by Al’s identity being revealed, some were more worried about the future of another Emmerdale veteran.

While some think Jeff Hordley’s character may be killed off if he is punished for killing Al, others are confident he will escape punishment.

One fan expressed their sadness at Cain possibly departing the program by writing: “I’m actually done watching if Cain is going. Cain and Aaron cannot both die in the same week “.

But another spoke up right away and said: “I would not fret. There are already three or four unsolved murder cases in the area of Emmerdale, so there is no reason to believe Cain will be found guilty.”

Numerous theories have surfaced, one of which contends that Cain is merely covering for the real shooter. In their suspicions, viewers have pointed to Cain’s younger sister Belle and Al’s girlfriend Kerry as probable possibilities.

One person shared their change of plans on Twitter: “I’m shocked that Cain was found out! Suppose, for the sake of argument, that Kerry did it because he learned about him and Chas “.

A second person said: “My guess is Belle! Cain was cleaning the gun since he wanted to protect his small sister as well “.

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