Emmerdale fan’s shock theory about identity of Amelia’s baby dad

Fans of Emmerdale are now certain that they know who caused Amelia Spencer to become pregnant.

The youngster became pregnant earlier this year, but she didn’t realize it until this month when she went to the hospital.

She initially sought an abortion but then changed her mind and decided to keep the child.

She met Charity Dingle at the clinic and told her the infant was Noah’s.

But when Noah was let out of jail and challenged her about it, it turned out to be a lie.

Later, Amelia argued with the doctor that the pregnancy was the consequence of consenting intercourse.

The father, she maintained, was a teenager.

Fans believe that this was a deception, and one has a startling notion about the father.

Who is the biological father of Amelia Spencer’s child?
In an unexpected turn of events, they claimed Marlon Dingle’s physio Kit was responsible for Amelia’s pregnancy.

It’s Kit the physio, someone wrote on a Digital Spy forum. I suppose. Hopefully nothing to do with a Dingle.

Another responded, “Oh, I hadn’t even considered that.

Considering his recent relationship with Laurel, it makes sense. She will learn the truth, he will be put in jail, and she will marry Dan. (or returning with Jai).

“I assume it’s going to be someone lot older than her, that’s why she’s reluctant to tell anyone,” a third person stated.

Meanwhile, the story’s upcoming shocking twist has been teased by actress Daisy.

Amelia, she added, “never anticipated it to happen” and that the news came as a “huge shock.”

“I think the stuff that’s coming up may maybe startle a lot of the audience,” she continued to Metro.

“I can’t give too much away, but I believe that this is Amelia’s opportunity to truly mature in the show.”

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