Emmerdale fans share fresh Meena theories after Manpreet’s killer comments

After tonight’s dramatic episode that put Charles in the hospital, Emmerdale fans have been left speculating about new Meena possibilities. After a contentious disagreement with Naomi, he was discovered unconscious, which made Manpreet suspicious.

Manpreet and Ethan discussed a terrifying idea while Charles lay in his hospital bed in an induced coma from a brain hemorrhage. She informed him that she had heard Charles and Naomi arguing, and that Naomi’s voice had a certain familiar fury about it.

Manpreet remarked just as the credits began, “She sounded like Meena,” and added that she had heard that wrath before. Fans are now putting out their own views and even speculating that Naomi might be the “new Meena.”

Georgia Bowring commented: “Meena might be responsible. She managed to escape prison and will return during the 50th anniversary episodes!” Is Naomi going to be the next serial killer in #Emmerdale? wondered @BnMPlanet.

“What if they are hinting at her return like why on earth would they randomly chose her name,” asked @Blitz 1305. It is clear that Manpreet has not recovered from her experience with Meena, according to @CallumKeith1999. And “And welcome to Meena 11 folks,” @stevebethere added.

Some followers thought that Manpreet ought to try to let go of Meena and move on. @TodGM246 said: “Manpreet thinks everyone is like Meena.” Manpreet, you’re paranoid, remarked @homebre18721.

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