Emmerdale fans scream at Chas blunder amidst search for Paddy

Tuesday, February 14, 2023’s Emmerdale episode saw Chas and Mandy visiting Skipdale Lodge in search of Paddy.

Before making his way home, Chas remained for a bit.

But today, as Chas is looking for Paddy, Emmerdale viewers have noticed a significant error.

Chas and Mandy searched for Paddy

Last night, Paddy’s stay at the nearby guesthouse Skipdale Lodge was revealed to Chas and Mandy.

They made the decision to set aside their disputes and set out to look for him.

Paddy was polite but depressed, the lodge owner had told the Dingles over the phone.

After hearing this, Mandy and Chas arrived at the lodge only to discover that he had already left.

The innkeeper informed them that although she did her best to persuade him to return, she was unsure of when it would happen.

They chose to wait for him and became close because of Paddy.

Mandy waited at the lodge in case Paddy showed up, and Chas ultimately made the decision to travel back home.

Paddy, though, stood in the center of the road and watched Chas crank up her motor.

To avoid her, he had been hiding.

Paddy turned away and moved away from the lodge as soon as Chas left.

Emmerdale fans spot huge Chas and Paddy blunder

Emmerdale viewers noticed a major error after witnessing Chas leave as Paddy was standing right there.

They don’t understand how Chas could have missed Paddy as she pulled out of the driveway.

How could Chas have missed Paddy while she was driving out and he was in front of her, a fan questioned.

How could she have missed seeing Paddy when he was practically in front of her, a viewer tweeted.

“Good thing Mandy and Chas aren’t in the police, Paddy scarcely had a nice hiding location at all but still wasn’t found at all,” remarked a third Emmerdale viewer.

Did you notice this error?

Will Paddy return home?

In March, Paddy will return to the village, according to Emmerdale.

When he does, he will, however, give his loved ones some covert farewell.

Then, with the goal of taking his own life, he will depart from home once more.

The storyline around Paddy’s mental condition will heavily rely on this.

Will Paddy, however, be able to see the end of the dark tunnel?

Viewers can get support for suicide thoughts and mental illness from a number of organizations and venues.

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