Emmerdale fans say same thing as Leyla makes surprise Liam confession after overdose

Fans of Emmerdale cheered Leyla Cavanagh as she finally confessed to partner Liam that she is an addict after tragically overdosing on drugs.

The cocaine addict’s relationship with drug dealer Callum caused the plot to fall apart in the Dales and set off a recent downhill spiral in Emmerdale.

Dealer Callum had previously threatened the addict that “terrible things” would happen to her if she misplaced his drugs. Feeling confined and alone, she turned to drugs for relief, which led to her being admitted to the hospital in gruesome circumstances.

On the soap opera, Jacob Gallagher, who opted to postpone his exit plans in order to support his mother, has however caused a significant turning point for Leyla.

After the overdose, Leyla’s refusal to acknowledge her problem and seek professional assistance has alarmed her family.

Liam and Jacob were alarmed. The problem only got worse when Leyla complained that no one had faith in her ability to quit her habit on her own and made the decision to quit cold turkey without going to rehab.

Speaking angrily to his mother about her choice of words while they were in the store, Jacob suddenly pulled out his phone and showed her a disturbing picture of Leyla in the hospital, comatose and hooked up to breathing tubes.

“You are that. heart attack. Comatose. almost dead, “Informing her. “That’s what Liam and I experienced. there it is.”

Jacob bluntly questioned Leyla whether she loved her family and, if so, how could she refuse the assistance she so desperately needs when she refused to look at the picture.

Leyla finally gave in and went home to apologize to Liam, admitting that she had been a “mess” in the hospital.

Leyla informed Liam, “No one deserves to go through that, especially you.” “Leyla retorted, “It’s got me. This is a sickness like any other,” in response to Liam’s explanation. I’m an addict, I’ll confess it.”

Leyla pledged to go to rehab “for as long as it takes” to salvage their marriage, and Liam reassured her that he still loves her. The married couple hugged as the program came to a close.

Emmerdale viewers praised Leyla on Twitter for realizing she had an addiction after the heartwarming scene from Tuesday’s episode aired.

“Finally Leyla admitting she’s an addict,” one person said, while “Well done Leyla that’s the first step,” said another.

Another added, “FINALLY! Leyla acknowledges her addiction! “That’s a start, Leyla admitting she’s an addict,” a fourth person tweeted.

Leyla’s commitment to it, however, has raised some doubts in the minds of certain followers. As one of them put it: “Leyla keeps lying to herself and knows she’ll use again.”

“Well done Leyla, acknowledging it is the first step, but will she keep to it?” a second remarked.

one more said: “Leyla cannot succeed. She dislikes hearing that she is an addict; sorry, but the truth hurts.”

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