Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ Sandra’s master plan – and it doesn’t bode well for Liv

When LIV Flaherty’s mother Sandra appeared in the Dales on Friday, LIV received the shock of a lifetime.

Although she claimed to need assistance for her alcoholism, Emmerdale viewers think she really wants her daughter’s money.

Sandra hasn’t seen her daughter Liv in more than a year (portrayed by Isobel Steele).

Joanne Mitchell, who originally played Sandra, returned to the Yorkshire-based show on Friday when she showed up in the titular village.

Sandra convinced her that she was prepared to stop using alcohol after visiting her estranged daughter, who had just endured hell and even spent time in prison.

Like her husband Vinny Dingle, Liv was originally hesitant (Bradley Johnson).

But when Liv saw her mother staggering around the cemetery while intoxicated while out for a stroll with Gabby Thomas in the village, she realized she couldn’t give up on her.

Sandra was advised to stay with Liv and Vinny, but he is still skeptical of her, and the public seems to agree that he may be right to be on his watch.

Fans expressed their mistrust of Sandra on Twitter.

They speculate that she might actually be hoping to inherit Liv’s money.

One fan tweeted: “I knew the instant Sandra turned there she was wanting Liv’s Money,” while another concurred: “Sandra is going to swindle Liv.”

She wants money, a third person affirmed.

Another viewer wrote: “Sandra wants the get her hands on the house,” suggesting that she may be pursuing more than her daughter’s money.

An further Emmerdale fan thinks Sandra is merely returning to “grab all the money she can.”

Due to a mysterious phone call, viewers came to believe that Sandra simply had money as her motivation and didn’t care about rekindling her love with Liv.

Sandra took up her phone and spoke to someone who appeared to demand money from her as the Friday episode of the soap opera came to an end with Vinny and Liv leaving the main room in Mill Cottage.

Sandra assured the unidentified person that everything was “in hand” and that they would “receive their money” and promised to call them as soon as she could.

Vinny didn’t tell Liv that he had seen her on the phone, which was unfortunate for her.

Sandra’s concealing what?

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