Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ real identity of Mack’s mystery partner – and it’s not a woman

After cheating on Charity Dingle during a secret one-night fling, Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd has found himself at the center of a major scandal on the ITV soap.

In recent episodes from the ITV soap opera, Mack cheated on Charity with an unidentified villager. Viewers have concocted a variety of speculations as to who Mack may have slept with.

The twist began when Charity and Mack got into a heated argument on last Thursday’s show, and Mack told Charity again that he wanted to try for a baby with her after their recent loss due to Charity having an ectopic pregnancy.

Mack ignored Charity’s protests that it wasn’t what she wanted and that she might not become pregnant again and instead suggested they look into IVF, setting off an argument and causing Mack to walk out to find solace with someone else.

Fans are now certain that Mack truly got into bed with a man – and someone who is well-known to the town – after he revealed everything to Nate.

After actor Danny Miller first resigned after his I’m A Celeb stint, fans are confident that Mack may have had a sexual relationship with Aaron Dingle, who is returning to the Dales as part of the 50th soap anniversary.

Observant viewers noted that Mack has never referred to the mystery person as “she,” and that the two flirted when he first arrived. They also noted that Mack has always had a strong chemistry with Aaron.

On Facebook, a commenter speculated: “I suppose Mack had a male partner. Perhaps Aaron. He always used the pronoun “they,” never “she.” merely a thought

I did note that he kept referring to the person as they, and I thought that was a little strange, another person said.

However, Mack is bisexual; when he first got to the town, he was after Aaron, someone else commented. “There was definitely some chemistry between Mack and Aaron,” a second person agreed.

“Yes, I was curious as to why he kept using the pronoun they.” one more wrote.

Some admirers, however, were more certain that they had seen enough indications that his mystery person was a woman, stating: “Definitely a young female based on the hands!”

What about the woman’s perfectly manicured hand that reached over and knocked his phone out of his grasp, eh? Maybe three in a bed then, said the second.

“They made him inform Nate that it would be Tracy, which is why. Another viewer stated that she will soon visit the village again.

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