Emmerdale fans rumble Nicola’s attacker after spotting clue in pub scenes

Nicola’s assailant has been uncovered by Emmerdale viewers after they noticed a clue in last night’s bar scenes.

As Bernice Blackstock and friend Laurel Thomas and Nicola went out for a ladies’ night out, Nicola was horribly attacked by a bunch of young girls. Now, viewers of the ITV soap opera are confident they know who was responsible.

The girls attacked the mother while Nicola, who was crying and hurt, asked them to stop. The teens only laughed and encouraged one another as one girl kicked Nicola as she lay on the floor.

Fans are now confident that they know who attacked her, and they are currently a villager.

Some followers of Charles Anderson on Twitter speculated that his estranged daughter Naomi might be to blame for what transpired.

Only a view of the feet of the girl who attacked her could be seen on the television, although she did apologize.

“Someone made a comment regarding last night’s episode of Emmerdale that they thought made sense, one fan wrote, “At Naomi’s first scene, her pal in the pub looked extremely similar to the person who attacked Nicola.

I believe Naomi was present, and it was she who apologized. Emmerdale, a.k.a. @emmerdale.”

one more said: “Naomi and her pals from the bar. The assailants of Nicola. a perfect fit.”

After her friend and sister abandoned her during the initial attack, Nicola proceeded to the parking lot to go home. While there, she saw two young girls kneeling on the ground, one of them was throwing up.

They requested alcohol, but Nicola informed them they had had enough. As she proceeded to make snide remarks, one of the girls became hostile, and Nicola hurried back to her.

She was knocked to the ground and her luggage was stolen after the other girls signaled to their other pals to do so. They then made fun of her and her family’s appearance.

They instructed her to “go get” as they threw her phone to the ground and hid her keys.

Fans found it horrifying to witness as Nicola was viciously kicked in the stomach after being flung to the ground.

Charles, played by actor Kevin, expressed similar shock at finally getting to spend time with Naomi.

“When Charles finally locates Naomi, he is at a loss for what to do. It’s not how he had intended.

When he decides to intervene in a situation when things are getting a little aggressive, it comes out of the blue “said he.

“Charles only wanted to meet Naomi and find out if she was okay as soon as he saw the photo.

He didn’t care if they continued their connection or not; he just wanted to know how she was doing.”

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