Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ major ‘toy boy gaffe’ as Laurel’s love triangle twist exposed

After learning about the love triangle between Laurel Thomas and her stepdaughter during Monday’s episode, Emmerdale viewers think they have discovered a significant plot hole.

After her relationship with Jai Sharma ended, Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) had a tumultuous previous love life. However, she believed she had found love again on the ITV soap with newcomer Kit. Fans learned, however, that Kit (Thoren Ferguson), the physiotherapist, turned his attention to Gabby Thomas as she became close to him.

On the soap, Kit will now start dating Laurel’s stepdaughter while doing so behind the management of the Hide Café’s back.

But astute soap opera viewers are dubious about the plot as Gabby and Kit went on their first date on Monday and Laurel’s stepdaughter didn’t recognize her new boyfriend.

Many fans were unsure if she would not be familiar with Kit’s appearance given that the two had both been spotted out and about in Emmerdale.

One viewer commented on Twitter following the scenes: “Oh god, they’re actually going to make a Laurel/Kit/Gabby plot. Given how regularly he visits Marlon, I had assumed Gabby would have seen Laurel with him by this point or at the very least recognized him.

One more person wrote, “A moment. A third person chimed in, “Wouldn’t Gabby have spotted Kit about the village? How has Gabby not seen ‘Kit’ hanging around the village?”

Another supporter commented, “How has Gabby never watched ‘chris’? They must have been in the tavern at the same time or nearby earlier.

The love triangle plot developed as Gabby (Rosie Bentham) delved deeper into the world of online dating in an effort to find someone to share her life with after primarily concentrating on her son Thomas.

She was on the verge of giving up on the apps altogether because swiping left and right proved to be trickier than she had anticipated. However, everything changed when she started speaking with a mysterious man named Chris.

The two soon set up a date, but Gabby was unaware that her date’s real identity was actually Kit and not Chris at all.

The two were seen meeting for their date at the conclusion of Monday night’s program, completely ignorant that he is the same man that Laurel is seeing.

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