Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ Jamie Tate’s fate after surprise letter to Kim ahead of soap 50th

After Jamie Tate’s mother Kim unexpectedly got a letter from the character, Emmerdale viewers think they have figured out what will happen to him on the ITV soap.

The incidents occurred in Sunday’s postponed episode of the soap opera, when Kim received her granddaughter Millie after her father had fled.

Kim was shocked to see a letter had come with her address written in Jamie’s handwriting later on in the show.

When she opened the mail, she discovered Jamie had included a letter for Millie to receive on her 18th birthday as well as a message explaining his intention to stay away.

This comes amid fan rumors that the character would return for the soap opera’s 50th anniversary episodes, but viewers now believe these rumors may be shattered by the letter.

After the moments aired, one fan tweeted: “Thank god Jamie isn’t returning. He’s an idiot.

“So are they trying to tell us Jamie is gone for good or attempting to lull folks into a false impression of we give a toss,” a second confused fan wrote.

Others appeared to be split and thought a Jamie comeback would still happen. One fan wrote: “Kim giving up on Jamie she won’t be doing that if he genuinely returns.”

The handwriting of Jamie, a second said. If Jamie doesn’t return, the plot will be meaningless.

This comes after Hazel said she was shoved down the stairs to Jamie, finally telling his devastated mother Kim he was still alive, leaving Emmerdale viewers sceptical of her.

Kim ultimately learned the truth in the scenes from Thursday, when Jamie’s own actions caused Hazel’s injury and revealed his actual fate.

Kim was devastated when Hazel and her granddaughter didn’t show up for their scheduled get-together, but then some surprising news brought on another surprise.

The protagonist discovered Even though Hazel had been in an accident, nothing could have prepared her for what she learns when she learns that Jamie had pushed Hazel down the stairs.

Kim promptly took up the phone to contact the police and report Jamie because she was demanding answers and wanted to know what Jamie had been doing.

However, as Hazel described the situation, many Emmerdale viewers smelled a rat and thought she might be trying to con Kim.

I suspect Kim is being played, one fan tweeted, while another concurred, writing, “So Jamie pushed her down the stairs, but then didn’t grab Millie and escape.” V weird.”

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