Emmerdale fans puzzled as Victoria and David flee again despite return after race row

Following an alleged ‘racial row,’ Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins returned to Emmerdale recently – but their characters revealed their plans to depart again in scenes broadcast on last night’s episode of the ITV soap, leaving fans perplexed.

Despite just returning to Emmerdale after a ‘race row,’ Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins appear to be on their way out.

The actors, who play David and Victoria on the ITV soap, have just recently returned to filming after an alleged race row on set, where it was claimed they had imitated an actress’ accent.

Later, Matthew had a heated argument with one of his co-stars, who was later identified as Aaron Anthony, over what had occurred, and Matthew and Isabel had to suspend filming for a time while the matter was examined.

The two have recently returned to set to shoot new scenes, but their characters appear to have vanished once more.

Following the drama surrounding nasty serial killer Meena Jutla, who was eventually charged for her crimes yesterday, David and Victoria stated they were eager to visit London during a talk with one another on the ITV soap.

Victoria, who had been Meena’s target, informed David she couldn’t bear living in the same hamlet with her until Meena was really imprisoned, and she asked if the two could go to London until that happened.

Fans of the ITV show, on the other hand, were perplexed, given they had only recently returned from a “vacation.”

“After the row, it appears that David and Victoria were brought back as a token gesture. They haven’t interacted with any other performers in a long time, and now they’re off on another illogical journey, emmerdale “On the internet, one supporter wrote:

There was a third: “Is it true that Victoria and David have left once more? More backstage drama in Emmerdale?” According to a third, “Is it true that David and Victoria are leaving for the second time? Emmerdale, they’re only recently returned.”

“It’s interesting that they’re sending Victoria and David back to Emmerdale,” a fourth said.

“David and Victoria are going away again, and they’ve only just returned to Emmerdale,” one viewer commented.

Meena returned to the ITV soap for a special week of excitement, as she plotted to murder her ex-lover Billy Fletcher and his new wife Dawn Taylor at their Valentine’s Day wedding.

Fans of the program were persuaded at the time that David and Victoria were supposed to marry on Valentine’s Day, but due to the filming suspension, they had to change things up.”This Dawn, Billy, and Meena tale feels like a rewriting because it would have made more sense for it to be David and Vic considering Meena was only with Billy for 5 minutes,” one fan remarked last week.

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