Emmerdale fans predict Marcus Dean’s exit after actor Darcy Grey’s decision to quit the soap

Fans of Emmerdale are aware that Darcy Grey will be leaving the show shortly, and they have a notion about how his character Marcus Dean will depart.

Darcy Grey, 31, who portrays Marcus Dean in the serial opera, has finished filming the last scenes, as we previously reported this week. The actor only recently became a part of Emmerdale in 2022.

His stay in the village naturally came to an end, a source claimed. The door has been left open, but Darcy is eager to fly.

Emmerdale viewers got to see a clear strain in the partnership between Marcus Dean and Ethan Anderson on Friday’s episode. Many Emmerdale supporters have tweeted that they think Marcus will depart the village in this manner.

How often are Ethan and Marcus going to repeat this, a fan asked on Twitter under the handle @RyanTheSoapking. perpetually moving in circles. They simply need to end it at this point, #Emmerdale.

“Yes, walk out Marcus. #Emmerdale,” a second @EnfieldGarry chimed in. When Marcus is about to leave, @tellyaddict40 wrote, “I can’t wait.”

Marcus has been such a waste of a character, according to @geordiegalg. The fact that he is related to Pierce seems to have absolutely no purpose. #Emmerdale.”

Fans of Emmerdale will recall that when Marcus was revealed to be the long-lost son of legendary murdering rapist Pierce Harris, Rhona Gorskirk, who had been married to and raped by the villainous villager, was shocked by his appearance. Marcus was encouraged to remain in the community by Rhona after she realized how different he was from her ex-husband.

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