Emmerdale fans predict major cheating twist as Leyla hits new low

Leyla will allegedly cheat on her husband Liam in order to maintain her heroin addiction, according to Emmerdale watchers.

Although Leyla has been able to hide her cocaine use from her husband, her enormous secret is causing her finances, particularly her wedding business, to suffer.

After her ex, David Metcalfe, discovered her breaking up cocaine lines in Take A Vow last month, she made a change-of-heart commitment.

The situation is deteriorating, though, as she appeared to lose all sense of reality on Monday’s ITV soap opera episode after being passed over for Kim Tate’s wedding planning position.

She was eager to attempt to get the job back because money was tight, but Priya’s explanation that she had a couple who needed their support halted her in her tracks.

Leyla warned Priya not to, but she took the couple out for lunch and tried to win them over by using the business credit card.

As a result, Leyla fired Priya, and it didn’t take her long to realize that she was on her own and needed to work hard to pay off her debts.

Both Priya and the villagers who overheard the exchange and attempted to defend her were in a state of shock.

Later, she couldn’t help but ask cocaine from drug dealer Callum, but when he delivered the product, she was left pleading for a deal because she was short on money.

Callum concurred and promised to return to ask for the favor later. The public is now persuaded that drug addict Leyla will betray her spouse by sleeping with Callum in order to obtain drugs for nothing.

@homebrew19721 “Leyla will soon have sex with her dealer to pay for her coke #emmerdale,” read the tweet. Comment from @RileyCo10852974: “#emmerdale Right, what’s the odds that Leyla and Callum will be sharing a bed by the end of this month?

“Leyla is going to end up skint with no business and no friends #emmerdale,” wrote @ECharl0tt. “I know it’s the drugs, but I really don’t like who Leyla has become. I honestly want to hit her omg #emmerdale,” @sad gxrl holly continued.

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