Emmerdale fans predict link between Suzy and Dawn’s late friend

Suzy’s shocking admission that she was the one who gave Holly money for drugs on the night she died has caused a lot of turmoil in the Dales this week, infuriating Holly’s grieving mother Moira Barton.

But now, soap opera viewers have speculated that Martelle Edinborough’s character Suzy might be linked to a different death that was discussed in the village this week.

The villagers were still reeling from Suzy’s shocking admission in the most recent episode of the ITV drama, which played out between Monday and Tuesday night.

The wedding and event planner was seen packing up her belongings at Take A Vow and getting ready to depart the town in Wednesday’s program.

In a scene from the show airing on Wednesday, Jai inquired as to Suzy’s ownership of the cocaine discovered at Take a Vow, which he was given the responsibility for.

After a few anxious seconds in which spectators feared Suzy would finally divulge Layla’s secret, Suzy lied and said it was hers, according to the Liverpool Echo.

While Dawn, played by Olivia Bromley, was visiting Home Farm, another shocking event was taking place on the other side of the hamlet. Dawn had just gotten a heartbreaking phone call.

After learning that Beth, despite believing she was getting sober, had overdosed and died, she was rendered speechless.

They grew close while “on the game” together, and she subsequently revealed to Kim that she “always had her back.”

The sudden mention of the character, who hasn’t been or been mentioned in the soap opera previously, however, led some fans to speculate that, given the timing, it might be connected to the ongoing Suzy narrative.

Samantha and Jess both commented on the episode’s Twitter threads: “Is Dawn’s dead buddy going to be tied to Suzy?” and “Dawn’s new long-term closest friend’s death is well going to be linked to Suzy.”

Do we really need two drug-related plotlines going on at once? Rachel continues, “What’s the bet?” Suzy #Emmerdale is connected to Dawn’s new closest friend, who is now deceased.

Suzy is going to be trustworthy for another death or near death, in my opinion, #emmerdale, according to another watcher named Silver.

PJ Davies tweeted: “Dawn talking her closest buddy who’s never been mentioned before klaxon,” while Matthew Chapman posted: “And now we find out that Dawn’s random unseen best friend has died….. #Emmerdale.”

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