Emmerdale fans predict grim twist for Amelia as she is caught stealing from Home Farm

Emmerdale fans have predicted a grim storyline for Amelia Spencer.

The youngster has recently discovered she is pregnant and while fans are unsure who the dad could be, it seems her life is spiralling out of control. The teenager was found stealing from Home Farm in tonight’s show, and things only got worse from there.

The visiting order to visit Noah in jail was stolen by Amelia in tonight’s episode after she broke into Gabby’s house.

Unfortunately, Kim, who had contacted Gabby, managed to catch Amelia in the act.

Amelia answered, “I wanted to see him again,” when Gabby questioned why she was stealing it. “Again?” questioned Gabby.

Did you know he was sending it to you? You were present when I received the other one from him.

Amelia said: “You stole that as well? ” Amelia then went on to explain how she “borrowed” Gabby’s ID. I assumed I lost that.

Who’d have thought it of angelic Amelia, Kim said, threatening her with the police. Identity theft, breaking and entering. Wait until the police find out. You’ll be sending visiting orders at this rate not stealing them.”

Tweets from followers suggested that Amelia’s future is bleak.

a user claimed: “Amelia using drugs or drinking next? #Emmerdale.” Purves declared: “#Emmerdale had to make Amelia into a criminal as well because they couldn’t even just leave her as a typical, nice teenage girl!” Careful Amelia, they’ll think you’re high #Emmerdale, warned Dion in the meantime.

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