Emmerdale fans predict dark twist for Mary Goskirk’s lover Faye

Fans of Emmerdale are anticipating a sinister turn for Mary Goskirk’s lover Faye. Since they first connected on a dating app early this year, Mary has fallen completely in love with charity worker Faye.

Mary felt inspired to go out and find love once more after finally working up the guts to come out to her daughter Rhona. Before tragically passing away during the pandemic, viewers are aware that she had been in love with her neighbor for years.

But in recent weeks, Mary and Faye have become more close. Faye came out later in life than Mary and has a family.

Fans believe Faye is keeping a secret, unlike Mary, though. She has regularly alluded to both her family and her job at a women’s refuge in Ecuador.

It seems to have abruptly removed her from the village several times. Fans assume that’s not the whole story, despite the fact that she’s been able to downplay leaving with Mary.

Instead, they believe she is concealing a sinister secret. They also have ideas about what she might be concealing.

Some even assert that she is associated with Caleb Miligan, his son Nicky, and their sinister plot to exact revenge on Kim Tate. It couldn’t be any more absurd than these story lines, according to one admirer, who speculated that Faye might be Nicky’s mother.

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“Did this Faye say she was doing something with horses?” inquired the second. Is she aware of the Caleb and Nicky story? Another remarked, “Maybe Faye is Nicky’s mother,” while a third commented, “I think she’s something to do with Caleb and Nicky.”

Another fan, meanwhile, has a different theory. They are confident that Faye’s charitable endeavors are untrue. In contrast, they believe she is a swindler who will use it to “fleece” Mary.

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“I believe Faye in Emmerdale is preparing to rob Mary using her ‘charity work,'” they said. Might they be correct?

Is Faye putting Mary in danger? And has her friendship with Kim Tate allowed her to grow closer to her?

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