Emmerdale fans point out string of glaring court errors as Meena’s trial continues

Fans of Emmerdale have pointed out a number of flaws in Meena Jutla’s trial.

The serial killer appeared in court for the second day today, when her sister Manpreet Sharma spoke about what happened when Meena kidnapped her and confessed to all of her atrocities.

Fans watching in tonight were perplexed by a number of inconsistencies in the court proceedings, including why Manpreet had to give her testimony in the courtroom when she should have been handled as a hostile witness, according to fans.

Others, too, noticed a blunder with the judge and jury, and rushed to Twitter to express their displeasure.

“If Manpreet is so traumatized, why is she being asked to testify in the same courtroom as her tormentor, rather than via video link?” Also, where is Vinnie? He’d be a much better witness than Manpreet!!!! #emmerdale,” one fan wrote.

” #Emmerdale, strange the judge wasn’t as concerned about 1 of the victims as he was about the accused,” a second added in a tweet. Come on, ED bosses, do at least a little of it correctly.”

Meena even insulted Manpreet on the stand at one point, which fans found quite irritating.

” #emmerdale,” they wrote. Nobody noticed Meena openly mocking the witness in court. No one, not the judge, not the lawyers, not the jury, seemed to notice.

It’s as if the writers gave her superpowers so that only the people she wants to see may see her:/”

“A jury member shakes his head, disgusted. On God’s green earth, the jury would have no reaction to a witness or what they’re saying.

They’re there to listen, not to pass judgment! #emmerdale,” said another, referring to how a jury member was spotted shaking their head and criticizing Manpreet after Meena’s counsel called her a liar.

“I can’t believe any self-respecting judge would tolerate this line of questioning!” one person wrote. #emmerdale.”

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