Emmerdale fans outraged as they beg Vanessa to dump Suzy over drug scandal

Suzy Merton’s relationship with Holly Barton finally came to light during Monday night’s episode of Emmerdale, and many believe Vanessa Woodfield should break up with Suzy as a result.

Suzy became entangled in a web of deceit in the most recent episode of the popular ITV soap opera when Holly’s mother Moira learned that Suzy was present when Holly passed away.

A picture of Holly at a wedding emerged on the slideshow as the Hop was being advertised to neighborhood neighbors, alarming Moira who was in the audience.

Suzy made every effort not to reveal the truth as she tried to figure out why Suzy possessed a photo of her deceased daughter.

But afterwards, Suzy revealed the truth to a furious Vanessa, who was left speechless.

Fans at home pleaded with Vanessa to end their relationship as they began to get close and Vanessa learned that Suzy had given Holly money for drugs the day before she died.

Suzy is a lying cow, Vanessa needs to dump her, one commenter said.

Another commenter said: “Please, please, let this be Suzy’s last act! Can you imagine what would have happened if Charity had done something similar? I sincerely hope they don’t keep them together because there is absolutely nothing between them and it would go against Vanessa’s character.”

Not sure if Suzy and Vanessa will return from this one, a third person said.

A fourth subsequently added: “Vanessa, tell Suzie to get tied. Don’t participate in her lies.”

Suzy and Vanessa were having a disagreement over whether Moira should know the truth about how her kid died when Moira just so happened to stroll through the door.

Suzy pleaded with a hesitant Vanessa not to tell Moira anything about what was discussed after she had already departed.

Vanessa was visibly upset and unsure of what to do.

Fans re-entered Twitter and pleaded with Vanessa to act morally.

Vanessa, after this is all revealed, you’ll never be able to look Moira in the face again.

“Keep quiet Vanessa, you’ll break Moira’s heart,” another person wrote.

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