Emmerdale fans mock ‘thick as mince’ Dan as he ties himself in knots during police interview

Dan has been called “thick as mince” by Emmerdale viewers after the father-of-one got into more problems.

Dan is in trouble with the law for hitting Lloyd, whom he said was “perverting” his daughter. Nobody was present when Dan first punched Lloyd, so nobody witnessed it.

However, Dan grassed himself up when he admitted to hitting Lloyd to the police in a fit of fear. He was detained, but because there was no proof, he was released on bond while the matter was being looked into.

He was recorded claiming he didn’t remorse almost killing Lloyd and that he would do it again when out on bond. He was visited by police at his house and taken for further questioning.

Dan continued to tie himself up while with the cops, eventually abandoning his lawyer with his face in his hands. Fans are also annoyed by Dan’s behavior because they feel bad for him but are concerned that he won’t stop getting into trouble.

@penniless_poet advised Dan to gather himself. “G.B.H.” stands for Got Brain Hurt #Emmerdale to Dan. Dan has no chance, according to @pam_debeauvoir, who noted that the Yorkshire Police thought the Ripper was a Geordie.”

Tweeted @Matt528chap: “Dan, please stop talking!” Is Dan using the “Psych Defense,” as Law and Order puts it, according to @DavidHe47935675? #emmerdale”

RT @Boppity_Boo34: “Dan your doomed mate #Emmerdale”

“Dan is thick as mince,” tweeted @MeeshyJay, “#emmerdale.” “I think Dan might do better if he didn’t have braveheart for a solicitor #emmerdale,” said @domain_harry.

The tweet “Dan is so thick #emmerdale” was made by @naffraf. “What I don’t understand is why Dan isn’t using his brain since the incident,” tweeted @Jamal06122771. #emmerdale” “Dan’s script: 1. Open mouth, 2. Insert foot, 3. Chew #Emmerdale,” tweeted @penniless_poet.

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