Emmerdale fans left confused by David’s decision as he leaves village after accident

Fans of Emmerdale were shocked when David Metcalfe opted to leave the community after a terrible disaster.

In yesterday night’s episode, David (Matthew Wolfenden) made the decision to leave the Yorkshire village temporarily after learning that his ex-Alicia Gallagher was in need of help while ill in Portugal.

Together with his partner Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins), David has been at the center of a plot as they attempt to save his failing shop.

Fans were perplexed by his decision to do so given the fact that he had no money to pay off his own debts, and Victoria decided to sell some of her own assets in order to invest more money in the company.

In the episode, David went to see Leyla Cavanagh to inform her that Alicia Gallagher (Natalie Anderson), who was trying to take a selfie when she was in a bad accident in Portugal, had become ill.

He hastily left his future wife Victoria in charge of his shop, where she had recently paid off the debts and assisted in getting him out of the red as he struggled with cash flow. He hurried out to be with her.

Fans who were perplexed asked David why he was leaving his failing company and how he could afford to do so on Twitter.

Another added: “He was skint 5 minutes ago.” One fan wrote: “David was skint the other week, now he’s booking flights lol.”

How can David afford to harm Portugal, a third individual asked? In a fourth sentence, it is written: “The other week David was battling for money now he’s off to Portugal to look for an ex.”

“Couldn’t the writers come up with a theory for David’s absence that was at least a little bit plausible? He has debts up to his eyes, yet at the drop of a hat, he can fly to Portugal to ostensibly take care of an ex?” Added by a fifth.

Since the Covid epidemic reduced business at both David’s shop and the adjoining neighborhood bar The Woolpack, the store has been losing money.

Following Meena Jutla’s attempt to kill them, David and Victoria decided they had to leave the hamlet and left his son Jacob in charge of the shop for a considerable amount of time.

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