Emmerdale fans issue demand as Cain Dingle shows off doll version of himself

After the series teased a new “Cain Dingle doll” on its social media platforms, Emmerdale viewers are making similar demands.

The serial is the second-oldest program on UK television as of this week, having turned 50. (with Coronation Street having run the longest). Show executives have indicated that special birthday episodes would be centered on a terrible storm that permanently changes the imaginary community.

According to producer Kate Brooks, “Several of our most cherished villagers will be in danger, and it will leave a great trail of devastation in its wake. Since this storm will have a significant impact, it is safe to state that the community will never be the same again.”

In a September 29 video, a mock-up Emmerdale village is shown, replete with doll versions of its own cast of inhabitants.

On Tuesday, pictures from the soap’s official Instagram and Twitter pages showed Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle, cradling the Cain doll. Jeff meets, well, Jeff!, Emmerdale captioned the picture.

Have you watched our 50th birthday concept trailer yet?

The image was well-liked by the audience, and many of them made the same request in the comments. Where can you buy one? said Victoria Bain-Docherty. … requesting a friend.

Are they on sale??? asked Helen Robertshaw, while Charlotte responded, “This has been added to my Christmas list, thanks!” Wow, Caz Bowling exclaimed. Could I please have one?

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