Emmerdale fans in tears over ‘gorgeous’ wedding but moment sparks ‘disappointing’ complaint

Fans were in awe of tonight’s show, which was filled with breathtaking and heartfelt scenes from Rhona and Marlon’s wedding.

Tonight’s Emmerdale episode (mainly) featured humorous moments, heartwarming gestures, and a sense of wholesomeness as a large portion of the characters turn out to congratulate the happy couple instead of the typical mayhem and disaster.

Although Marlon Dingle began the day in the hospital after collapsing, the excited groom nonetheless arrived at the church in time to wed Rhona Goskirk.

To everyone’s astonishment, he chose to walk down the aisle rather than use his wheelchair, which moved many of his supporters to tears. There was hardly a dry eye in the church after the couple’s touching vows.

No matter Chas and Al’s relationship, ITV viewers commended the producers, writers, and cast members for the “excellent” episode. Fans enthusiastically expressed how much they loved the show on Twitter.

“Just watched Emmerdale and it was wonderful loved every second and I was in tears,” tweeted Annette Montgomery.

Emotional scenes tonight, lots of ups and downs, very nicely written, according to Steph.

Wow, what an episode that was Marlon finally walking down the aisle to marry Rhona—such a poignant moment to witness and a significant step in the right direction, exclaimed Dan Indyk.

Erin commended: “What a lovely episode… Everything that a soap opera should be: humorous, sweet, sad, and beautiful. Both tonight and throughout the past two months, Mark Charnock and Zoe Henry have played outstandingly.”

Absolutely adoring @emmerdale today, said Innessk, “great acting by the entire cast, especially @markcharnock couldn’t help but wonder what @HordleyJeff was thinking seeing his real-life wife @ZoeHenry03 marrying someone else excellent done @emmerdale on a really moving episode.”

Sarah remarked: “There were hints of the previous Emmerdale. There are numerous characters, good storylines, and no silly tricks. A truly excellent episode that, alas, we rarely get occasionally these days.”

“A good episode, see Emmerdale, this is what you do correctly,” Jordan Phelps added. Simply demonstrates that you don’t need a big stunt or week.

One viewer, however, was angered by Marlon’s decision to give up his wheelchair, taking it as an insult towards wheelchair users or a suggestion that getting out of or away from using a wheelchair was somehow desirable. Why make Marlon walk down the aisle, Amy questioned while watching Emmerdale.

He’s obviously having trouble. It’s not romantic, and using a wheelchair is quite acceptable. Disappointing.”

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