Emmerdale fans hit out at producers over ‘inconsistent’ rarely-seen character

Viewers of Emmerdale have criticized the show’s creators for a “inconsistent” character that appears infrequently.

Since her birth in October 2019, the daughter of Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk has hardly ever appeared on television. After a rare appearance last week, viewers were astounded to see how much she had grown.

While out with her mother Chas, the toddler, who is about three years old, was spotted drawing at a table. However, certain contradictions have since been pointed out by fans, who also remarked that it didn’t make sense why the young girl had returned to “baby talk” during tonight’s Emmerdale episode.

They said on Twitter that Eve did not sound at all like a three-year-old. Eve was a toddler roaming around last week, but now she’s back in a pushchair and using baby language, Kelly wrote in a tweet.

Why does Eve sound like a little baby when she’s almost three? asked Dion.

Is Eve merely a toy because we never see her, Aidan questioned?

Betty criticized: “Eve was drawing pictures last week while sitting up in a chair and was about two years old. She is once again babbling like an 8-month-old. Decide what you want.”

Linda B reported: “What age should the attendees of Chas and Paddy’s Eve be? I’m assuming a minimum of two. Why then do they give her newborn sound effects? By that age, children don’t require baby monitors; a loud ‘MUMMMMYYYY!’ frequently suffices.”

Sparkysue also wrote: “Eve, a 3-year-old toddler in Emmerdale, worries me since she talks like a baby and keeps motionless in her pushchair. My 2-year-old, 3-month-old granddaughter wouldn’t stay in the stroller while speaking well.”

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