Emmerdale fans heartbroken as Charity loses her baby in emotional scenes

Fans of Emmerdale were devastated to learn that Charity and Mack had to put their unborn child to death tonight.

The heartbreaking news that the couple, played by Emma Atkins and Lawrence Robb, had an ectopic pregnancy was delivered to them tonight.

When Charity first learned she was pregnant a few weeks ago, she seemed excited, but tonight’s episode brought terrible news that forced the couple to say goodbye to their child.

In Charity’s instance, a fertilized egg had placed itself in her fallopian tube, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself outside of the womb. They hurried to the hospital as she doubled over in pain and realized something was wrong.

They received the heartbreaking news there that they had lost the baby, and as others shared their own stories, followers flocked to social media to express their sorrow for the couple over what had happened to them.

“One person said, “Watching Charity lose her baby weeks 2 after going through similar events in #emmerdale is breaking me,” and another wrote, “Though I don’t really like Mac and Charity together this is terribly sad. IRL #emmerdale must be hearing some terrible news.”

Another third said: “Poor Charity, who experienced an ectopic pregnancy, and poor Mack, who was eager to start a family… #Emmerdale”

“#emmerdale I know I make fun of Charity, but that was horrible to hear your kid’s heartbeat and then the next moment you know the baby is gone. Tragic things like this really happen. I feel bad for all the parents who had to deal with this “A fourth was written online.

While the doctor said the baby was still alive, they conceded it was not viable and described how it was ectopic. This led Charity to believe she had lost her baby in the painful circumstances that took place at the hospital.

In a terrible turn of events, they requested if they could hear the baby’s heartbeat one final time as Mackenzie battled to process the bad news.

Charity admitted she was excited about the pregnancy for the first time as she sat with her boyfriend Mackenzie. Although it would have been her sixth kid, she stated that she was most looking forward to sharing it with this person.

Despite the devastating news, the two vowed to support one another. Charity and Mackenzie walked back to their house, and Mack went for a stroll to clear his thoughts. It was then that he ran into his sister Moira, who had been a great help.

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