Emmerdale fans gobsmacked by hidden pregnancy confession from unexpected villager

Fans of the soap opera Emmerdale were shocked to learn that one of their favorite characters was secretly pregnant in a recent episode.

Amelia Spencer disclosed her own pregnancy to Charity during the tense scene and asked for assistance.

After placing her recent internet buy for “weight loss syrup,” the young person has run into difficulty.

She consumed the syrup and passed out while attending to baby Thomas.

His family was left in suspense, unsure of Thomas’s condition, as he was taken to the hospital and required an urgent CT scan to make sure no damage had been done.

Nevertheless, Amelia made an effort to place the blame somewhere else until her father was able to convince her otherwise.

The physicians encouraged her to come in for a routine checkup to make sure everything was in working order after she admitted to ordering the syrup.

The medical staff sought to speak with Amelia and her father present, but they seemed concerned.

The physicians informed Amelia that she was pregnant after she compelled them to explain the situation to her.

She recently confided in Charity about her predicament after learning that she could be too far along in the pregnancy to have an abortion. Her entire world had been turned upside down.

She left the abortion clinic feeling overwhelmed despite being later informed that she was still inside the window of time.

Amelia and Charity ran into each other as they re-entered, but Charity quickly realized that her son Noah might be the child’s father.

Later, after he made fun of Charity’s peculiar pickle appetite, it was discovered that she was indeed expecting Mackenzie Boyd’s child.

After that, Charity was seen scheduling an abortion over the phone and was successful in changing her appointment.

Fans were shocked beyond belief by the revelation and flocked to Twitter to express their outrage at what had transpired.

Someone penned, “Wait, what? That was a twist, for sure. I didn’t anticipate Charity to be carrying a child as well.

Another person said, “Oh my God, Charity too?!”

“Charity pregnant with Mack’s baby, oh my god,” a surprised viewer exclaimed.

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