Emmerdale fans gobsmacked as Charity unrecognisable after hair transformation

The follow-up to Charity Dingle’s jaw-dropping hair disaster, which shocked viewers just days before her wedding to Mackenzie Boyd, was featured on tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (April 14).

The upcoming bride visited Mandy Dingle’s salon on Thursday in search of a brand-new style for her wedding day.

Sadly, what happened was a hair nightmare that will stay in the minds of viewers for a very long time.

Mandy left Charity’s hair in rollers for too long and used the wrong products because she got caught up in some juicy drama between Paddy Kirk and Chas Dingle.

The unfavorable outcome was a massive perm that made Charity resemble a “demented poodle.”

As a result of Charity’s hair disaster, fans couldn’t help but express their outrage, with one tweeting: “Can’t cope with Charity’s hair.”

A different fan made the following remark: “Surprised the announcer didn’t say, ‘Viewers may find some scenes upsetting’ before Emmerdale started… he’d have been referring to Charity’s disaster hairdo.”

The hair disaster caused a tense argument between Charity and Mandy, with the latter threatening the latter with retaliation if the latter didn’t pay to remedy the problem she had caused.

In tonight’s episode, Charity was able to finally schedule an appointment and restore her hair to its prior splendor.

But after running into Chloe at a coffee shop, her fiance Makenzie became preoccupied with the drama around her hair.

While Charity was in the hair salon, he went to drop off a gift for their unborn child, but Chloe sent him away and informed him that she was moving back to Scotland and didn’t want anything to do with him.

In another scene, Amelia was seen crying and confessing to Samson that she had put off going to the hospital after discovering a lump on her breast.

By waiting to get the lump examined, he accused her of being self-centered because it would result in their child being born without a mother.

Amelia was later informed that she required a biopsy, and when she learned that she would have to wait a whole week for the results, she broke down, afraid she had cancer.

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