Emmerdale fans given first look at joint funeral for Liv and Faith Dingle

The double funeral for Liv and Faith Dingle, which will show during tonight’s episode, has been previewed by Emmerdale executives.

Two horse-drawn carriages pulling the coffins of Liv and Faith will enter the village as viewers tune in this evening (Friday). An emotional congregation listens as Eric Pollard reads Faith’s final letter to her family and friends at the funeral.

Vinny’s breath is stolen away when he sees that the entire community has gathered outside for the burial.

The deaths of two incredibly popular and admired Emmerdale characters have left many soap opera fans in mourning.

Liv was young and newly married, leaving behind a heartbroken husband, but Faith’s death was not unexpected as she had terminal cancer and had even planned her own burial.

Vinny and Liv were crushed against a wall by a collapsing caravan as a result of a violent storm that caused havoc in the village. Vinny was able to stand up from the debris, but Liv was severely hurt and claimed she couldn’t feel her legs.

Emergency personnel were able to respond to the area as the storm gradually subsided, but Paddy had the awful duty of breaking some bad news. Vinny questioned why it was taking so long to assist Liv in standing up, and Paddy said that she wouldn’t survive.

Liv was so severely injured by the caravan that it was the only thing keeping her alive and removing it would harm her essential organs too much. Upon realizing there was nothing they could do and being forced to say their goodbyes, Vinny, Paddy, Al, and Mandy sobbed bitterly.

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw said in an interview with the Media prior to the joint funeral scenes: “Having a scene featuring the entire adult cast was something we had never done before, and given that the funeral was taking place toward the end of our October 50th birthday month, it felt very right and fitting that we had the whole cast there to say goodbye.

It was a difficult task for the Emmerdale production team to plan and carry out, and it was equally difficult to film as the Dingles said goodbye to not just one, but two members of their cherished family. Some of the tears that flowed that day were quite real. However, there was also a festive atmosphere on set hidden behind the sobs and despair.

“A sense of pride and honor that the month of October was coming to a close with all of our villagers standing together on Main Street, exhibiting the love and warmth and unity that has kept Emmerdale on our televisions for 50 years.”

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