Emmerdale fans furious over Lydia burning her clothes: ‘Let’s see her taking back her power’

Lydia couldn’t handle the fact that Craig had raped her last night in Emmerdale (Wednesday, September 6).

When it happened, she grabbed the clothing she was wearing and rushed outside to burn them.

Emmerdale viewers are now incensed about Lydia’s conduct and are calling for her to reclaim her control.

When Lydia went to work for Kim last night, she wasn’t Lydia as usual. She had just mentioned to Kim that she had been thinking about their almost-kiss.

Then Kim sent her home early, forcing Lydia to go back. She made a choice at that point and reserved a cab to take her to the police station.

She soon encountered a happy Sam, who informed her that he had just finished drinking a few beers with Craig in the Woolpack.

Lydia hurried upstairs and grabbed her clothing out of the hamper in the bathroom out of concern for how Craig was infiltrating her family.

She had intended to take them to the police to show them as proof of the assault, but instead she went off to the woods and lit them on fire.

Lydia was by herself as she sobbed while watching as the rape evidence caught fire.

The burning of Lydia’s garments has incensed Emmerdale viewers, who are hoping that she will reclaim “her power” and receive the retribution she rightfully deserves.

They were frantically hoping she would call the police and report Craig.

Yes, I’ve been impacted, and I believe Lydia should not have remained silent morally. It is unquestionably the responsibility of a soap opera for men and women who have been assaulted to come forward right away since the longer it goes without action, the greater the likelihood that the culprit will get away with it.

So now the entire woods will catch fire, another fan groused. Why couldn’t they create a narrative in which Lydia reported it to the police?

Anguished, a third supporter tweeted, “Lydia nooo don’t burn the evidence.”

However, one Reddit user claimed that Lydia was simply acting like a victim would and that the person who assaulted her should instead be held accountable.

After that, someone retorted that they wouldn’t condemn her in person but that they were “tired of soaps addressing [sexual assault] this way. I wanted her to tell Sam to go home, or else the heck go directly to Kim. In order to prevent individuals from hiding or feeling ashamed, I want soap operas to demonstrate victims how to handle this.

Soaps have the potential to empower victims by demonstrating to them that there are other options besides trying to keep what has happened hidden. Instead, a victim is always suffering alone.

It irritates me and I’m bored with it. I’m not victim blaming; it’s just something that keeps happening.

People “learn from what they see, and all soaps do is show them they need to feel shame when in fact they do not,” according to the author.

I want to see more pictures of them regaining control.

Will Lydia notify the police about Craig?
In spite of her initial intention to report Craig to the police, Lydia has since burnt the rape evidence on fire.

She had kept the attack a secret from all of her family members. But will she muster the confidence to contact the police and report Craig? Will Lydia ultimately be vindicated?

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