Emmerdale fans furious at Cathy Hope’s punishment for trolling April Windsor

The punishment meted out to Cathy Hope for trolling April Windsor has enraged Emmerdale viewers.

For months, bully Cathy has waged a terror campaign against April.

She tormented her online, enlisted the help of a gang of bullies to humiliate her, and even disclosed her phone number online.

April, on the other hand, was scared of her own shadow as a result of the bullying.

Cathy, on the other hand, admitted to being to blame this week.

She claimed at first that she did it by accident, saying one thing and then things spiraled out of control.

Cathy insisted that she had no influence over the other trolls and that it was not her fault.

Cathy, on the other hand, became enraged after being exposed to her parents, claiming that she was jealous of April.

The cops dragged me in. Cathy complained that April was getting all the attention because her mother Donna had died.

She said that her mother died when she was a baby, and that she, too, deserved love and attention.

Bob was left reeling by his daughter’s horrible outburst, and he sought to blame himself for what she had done to his granddaughter.

Cathy, on the other hand, received a warning from the cops.

Last night, Bob tried to make amends with Marlon, but it backfired when he realized that Cathy’s punishment was limited to a warning.

“Do you have any clue what April has been through, Bob?” Marlon was enraged.

“Does it mean Cathy gets away with it?”

Emmerdale: Cathy Hope’s punishment causes a rift in the Hope household.
“If it makes any difference, Cathy has been issued a caution,” Bob said. Donna was their sister, and I’m not making any excuses for her.

“They adored her, Marlon, and they never had the opportunity to mourn.”

He said, “Brenda is outraged about what it’s done to Cathy.”

“Is it just Cathy?” Marlon was enraged.

“Is this your pitiful attempt at resolving the situation?” You accept responsibility, Rhona is charged, and that’s it?

“Those disgusting, vile remarks could have cost my daughter a lot of money, so I won’t even go there.” You’re not going to be anywhere near April. I mean it when I say stay away from my family.”

Viewers clapped for Marlon, but were enraged that Cathy was not penalized.

“This is beyond disgusting,” one person commented. She went through hell for months because of Cathy, and now she’s what? “Are you able to get away with it?”

“Ohh yes.. let’s all feel sorry for poor Cathy,” a second replied. She’s a maniac!! There is never an excuse for bullying!! #Emmerdale ”

“Instead of disciplining her for what she’s done, they’re making excuses for Cathy’s heinous behavior AND letting her get away with it #emmerdale,” a third said.

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