Emmerdale fans fume at Charity Dingle as they point out major plot hole in ITV soap

After pointing out a significant plot hole in the most recent episode, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has earned the wrath of Emmerdale viewers.

The ITV soap opera’s episode from last Thursday, July 28, had Charity telling Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) that Amelia (Daisy Campbell) is expecting.

In addition, Charity told Mackenzie that Noah (Jack Downham) was the father of Amelia’s unborn child, claiming that Amelia had “told her” as much. However, viewers did not agree with Charity’s allegation.

Twitter users who are fans of Emmerdale noted that Amelia had denied Noah’s paternity to Charity and questioned why she had lied to Mackenzie.

When Amelia flat-out denied carrying Noah’s offspring, one fan questioned: “Why has Charity gotten it into her head that Amelia’s carrying Noah’s spawn?”

Someone else asked, “What’s Charity talking about? Why didn’t Amelia tell her it was Noah’s? Ffs.”

A third responded, “But Amelia didn’t mention it was Noah!”

When Noah returned in the episode and informed Charity that he was not the father, Charity’s mistake was confirmed.

But when viewers pointed out that there is no proof Amelia has ever engaged in sexual activity—some have even referred to it as an immaculate conception—a significant narrative hole was exposed.

Charity was determined to learn the truth about Amelia’s pregnancy later in the episode.

If not Noah’s, whose is it, she asked?

I completely understand that you don’t want to tell me who it is, Charity said after Amelia declined to reveal the name of her sexual partner.

You are not required to tell him if you choose not to.

After telling Noah that the culprit had ‘wanted nothing to do with her since,’ Amelia later revealed to Charity that the baby’s father was “a random lad from church.”

She also said in an emotional talk with Noah that she “wanted to keep the baby.”

As the couple argued over whether to get an abortion, Charity at last revealed her pregnancy to Mack.

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