Emmerdale fans fume as Samson calls Amelia ‘selfish’ after she reveals health scare

Viewers of Emmerdale were outraged when Samson referred to Amelia as “selfish” after she told him about her health crisis.

He approached her after spotting her sobbing on a bench to ask how she was doing.

She finally admitted that she was having trouble feeding their daughter Esther when she discovered a tumor in her breast.

“I felt a lump in my breast and that’s why I went to see Manpreet and she said it’s probably just a blocked milk duct,” Amelia said.

She wasn’t certain. She sent me for an ultrasound for that reason,” she sobs to Samson.

She was described as selfish by him after saying that “something happens to her, she grows up without a mother.”

Fans called Samson out on Twitter after they couldn’t believe what they had heard him say.

One user commented, “Ohhhh the irony of Samson calling Amelia selfish.”

An other person commented, “Samson, Amelia really doesn’t need to hear that when she is already panicking.”

Another irate viewer responded, “Oh shut up Samson calling Ameila selfish when you’ve been selfish from the start and didn’t want anything to with your daughter.”

“Samson is shameless,” one person tweeted. Has he forgotten that he left Esther behind?

Later, when she came at the clinic for testing, she was informed that the biopsy was available.

She questioned whether it hurt while crying, and was informed there would be light pressure.

As she waits for the test results, Amelia confided in some of the villagers, including Noah, about her fright.

As she grew fearful for her future, Noah reassured her, “You’re not going to die.

Despite Noah’s best efforts to tell her that everything will be okay, Amelia can’t help but wonder what would happen to Esther if she suddenly disappeared.

Amelia is overwhelmed and unsure of her sentiments despite the teenager’s expressions of his continued desire to be with her.

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