Emmerdale fans fume as killer Meena storyline confirmed to continue ‘for months’

Meena Jutla, Emmerdale’s very own serial killer, has received Ofcom complaints, but producers have confirmed her storylines would continue on for’months,’ leaving viewers outraged.

Producers said Meena Jutla’s serial killer plot will last “for months,” causing outrage among Emmerdale viewers.

Meena drove the Dingles’ van into the barn on Wednesday’s episode of the ITV soap to poison Vinny Dingle and her sister Manpreet with its noxious fumes, intending to kill them.

Despite multiple Ofcom concerns, the narrative is poised to continue for the foreseeable future – though Meena will meet her end soon enough.

“I believe it’s safe to say that Meena’s judgement day is coming,” Emmerdale executive producer Jane Hudson and producer Laura Shaw told The Mirror. But you’ll have to wait and see whether she gets away with murder or not.

“This narrative still has a few more twists and turns to offer.” Some you won’t see coming, but I think we can all agree that Meena is capable of just much anything.”
“But, yes, Meena’s day of reckoning is approaching,” they continued. It won’t go as planned; there will be a long-term impact on many of the villagers, but I believe Meena will receive what’s coming to her in the coming months.”

And the news has infuriated fans.

“How long is this Meena tale going to go on, it’s dragging on,” one admirer wrote. “Hopefully she will be found out soon for her crimes and placed in jail if and when the cops catch up with her.”

“Another silly episode with Meena’s so-called drama!” commented someone else.

“Emmerdale has gone bad with this never-ending story about Meena… I don’t know if I can stomach any more of it!” grumbled another.

“I’m going to track down Meena and throw her in the poxy barn if this tale doesn’t conclude by the end of the week!” a fourth supporter penned

Meena went on to lure Billy to the barn in Wednesday’s episode, intending to kill him as well after he discovered she wasn’t pregnant.

Her sister, who was choking from the toxic truck fumes, was teased by the killer, who said she would use her savings to flee to a remote island and live her life her way after pulling out “the perfect crime.”

However, as more locals, including doctor Liam Cavanagh, Samson Dingle, and Billy himself, figure out who Meena is, the net surrounding the murderer is tightening.

Fans on Reddit have a few guesses on how she will die.

One person correctly predicted: “That’s alright with me if she’s faking her death and then reappearing after being revealed. As long as she finds out this week, that is.

“Given how badly she’s snapped, I’d be surprised if people are still duped by her; I’m not sure how they’ll be able to drag out this section of the tale now that she’s so blatantly insane.”

Another prediction was: “Are they going to leave for a while like Corrie did with Phelan before the ultimate showdown? By the end of this week, I believe everyone will know what she’s been up to.”I don’t see Manpreet or Vinny dying because the show has just lost a lot of its characters, including Leanna, Andrea, Ben, Jamie, and Diane.”

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