Emmerdale fans frenzy as they ‘spot’ Joe Tate in dramatic 50th anniversary trailer

The 50th anniversary promo for Emmerdale features a mysterious hooded person, and some fans are certain it is none other than Debbie Dingle’s ex-boyfriend Joe Tate.

The dramatic soap opera will have a dramatic month as a catastrophic storm sweeps across the village, putting beloved characters in danger, according to the dramatic trailer that debuted on Saturday (October 1).

Kim Tate rushes across some stepping stones in her wedding dress as the new teaser promises Cain and Al coming to blows with a genuine cake including waxwork figures.

Later, some of the cake falls to the ground, sending Marlon, Chas, and Sam into oblivion while Liv and Vinny are seen escaping through the woods as Vinny is carried away by a gust of wind.

Another scene in the teaser shows Noah and Charity in their car during a storm while Nicola and an expectant Amelia wait nearby and stare wide-eyed at the approaching downpour.

While Moira battles the storm and Manpreet slips through the gulf into oblivion, Charles Anderson and his daughter Naomi struggle to remain together.

However, a keen-eyed spectator noticed another figure who was passing by and appeared to be hiding in the raging rain while wearing a hood.

One spectator wrote: “Perfect return for Meena @paige sandhu when a hooded person is spotted!” on Instagram.

Another person swiftly countered, “Or Joe Tate!” Could be Jamie, as another admirer remarked.

A fourth person on social media commented: “There is a hooded figure watching in the distance.”

A hooded person was mentioned by someone. joe tay Meena? Jamie? Another person?” Though one Instagram user was a touch perplexed as they posted: “I can’t spot the hooded figure?” another responded.

In the days leading up to the 50th anniversary, showrunner Jane Hudson hinted to the Daily Star that a murderer might be waiting in the shadows in Soapland once more.

There’s always a chance of a murder in Emmerdale, she remarked. It is well known for its homicides.

Because it is Emmerdale, a murderer is almost always waiting around the next bend.

But is it possible that Joe or Meena are actually back in the village? Some have hypothesized that the serial killer may violently escape from prison when the van carrying her crashes in the storm, much like Harvey Gaskell’s on Coronation Street.

Time will only tell.

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