Emmerdale fans floored as character ‘rises from the dead’ in soap

The episode that aired Monday night featured a startling return to Coronation Street. Both Phill Whittaker and the audience were shocked to see a significant portion of his life reappear.

During a heated exchange, Phill’s ex-wife Camilla walked out onto the cobblestones to welcome Phill and Fiz.

After Phill’s mother spent some time there recovering from a hip injury, she claimed that Evelyn Plummer’s dog pushed her over, which set off the drama.

Fiz irritated Phill for not giving Mimi the benefit of the doubt over Evelyn as a slanging match broke out.

When a stunning woman emerged and introduced herself to Fiz, they were both taken aback, according to Manchester Evening News.

The reason for her appearance baffled Phill, who reassured Fiz that he cannot wait to marry her and that Camilla poses no threat.

Twitter was used by viewers to announce the actress’ comeback.

Louise Marwood, a former Emmerdale soap opera star who previously played Chrissie White on the ITV program, portrays Camilla.

On the actress’ Twitter earlier this month, word of Camilla’s return was confirmed.

Using Twitter, Louise stated: “Yes, I will be joining @itvcorrie, but only for a few episodes. I hate to let you down. But wonderful character…”

On Twitter, @ASuperGav congratulated: “Yay! Emmerdale’s Chrissy White!” Posted by @devereaux pam “Camilla, Phill’s ex-wife, is actually Chrissie White with red hair.

” It’s Chrissie White from Emmerdale, @Samanth2235612 exclaimed.

What exactly is Chrissie White doing here, @chastainluvr questioned? Chrissie White looks excellent after coming back from the dead, according to @WilliamWillh. Lachlan White’s mother, Christine “Chrissie” White, was Robert Sugden’s former spouse.

White and her father were killed in a car accident in January 2018, shocking admirers.

Lachlan turned the vehicle toward a lorry after learning that his mother had interfered with his connection with Belle Dingle, causing the White family to crash into oncoming traffic.

Tyrone, Fiz’s ex, was inspired by Camilla’s presence to confront his affections for the future wife.

He made the decision to tell Fiz how he feels before it’s too late, putting viewers on a cliffhanger, after she confided in him.

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