Emmerdale fans finally ‘expose’ Caleb as they ‘work out’ DI Malone DNA link

The true purpose of Caleb Miligan’s visit to the village, according to Emmerdale fans, has nothing to do with his half-brother Cain Dingle.

Since Caleb, played by Waterloo Road actor Will Ash, first appeared in the Dales on Christmas Day and claimed to be Cain and Chas’ long-lost sibling, viewers have been leery of him.

Following his debut, admirers have grown to believe there is more to the newcomer than initially appears, and some have conjectured he may be lying about his identity.

Due to his ongoing relationship with Will Taylor, they have now postulated that his connection may actually be to the late DI Mark Malone.

Harriet Finch’s former workmate and the leader of the criminal organization Will belonged to before going to prison was the bent police officer.

When the crooked copper tried to attack Harriet and Will, Will’s daughter Dawn shot him three times, killing him.

At the conclusion of Thursday’s episode, Caleb assured Cain that he had chosen his battles wisely and revealed his intention to rob Will and his wife Kim Tate of everything.

Could the fact that Will’s daughter killed DI Malone be what motivates Caleb to seek retribution if he has any connection to the deceased copper?

One viewer speculated on social media, writing: “I’m now wondering if Caleb had something to do with or a connection to the missing (now deceased) DI Malone – Cain initially had some dubious dealings with Malone when he first landed in the village…#emmerdale.”

Another person said, “It seems Caleb has something to do with Malone.”

I think Caleb is DI Malone’s brother, not Cain Dingle’s brother, and I’ll wait and see first, wrote another.

The following comment was made by a fourth user: “If it’s related to Joe, Debbie needs to return even if recast #Emmerdale @emmerdale.” Perhaps Caleb is trying to find Malone.

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