Emmerdale fans figure out where Paddy Kirk is going as return uncertain

Following Paddy Kirk’s disappearance, Emmerdale viewers are attempting to determine where he is going.

The present focus of Paddy’s plot revolves around his terrible mental state following the dissolution of his marriage to Chas Dingle. He became mentally ill after learning that she had cheated on him with Al Chapman.

Friends and family members became concerned when he left the house without informing anybody of his plans and immediately began a massive hunt to locate him. When he finally called his father Bear Wolf, he just told him to quit seeking for him.

A salesman questions him about why he was hiding as he prepares to board a bus. “I’m not hiding, I’m escaping,” Paddy retorted.

Paddy’s whereabouts and timeline for his return to the village are unknown. He has been portrayed by actor Dominic Brunt for more than 20 years, and he stated he “wouldn’t grumble” if his tenure on Emmerdale came to an end.

Fans have been speculating about what Paddy will do next and have taken to Twitter to share their views and pose their most pressing queries. Knowing Emmerdale Paddy will be in Australia by Monday, @stevebethere tweeted, “Watch this space.”

What exactly is Emmerdale’s strategy with Paddy, pondered @Trojanmaru? Why is he walking around the streets like he’s on a clandestine mission?

“Is the house he’s renting brand-new? Does he work somewhere? Or is he merely using hotels and cafes to empty his bank account as he pouts inanely?”

Paddy has fucked off to Leeds, according to @MickJohnPNEFC.

It follows the announcement by Emmerdale of an episode with an all-male cast to further promote awareness of the problems with men’s mental health.

In order to raise awareness of men’s mental health issues, Emmerdale will show an episode with an all-male ensemble cast for the first time in its fifty-year history. In the upcoming weeks, Mark Charnock’s character Marlon Dingle will organize a late-night lock-in at the Emmerdale Woolpack, with men-talking-to-men being the only item on the agenda.

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